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Happy Holidays friends!

I’m pretty darn excited to be launching my new website. It’s been a long time in the making; and quite frankly, I’m used to working on the other side of the camera, so anytime I am putting myself out there like this, it becomes a little daunting. As a makeup artist and an artist with a design background, it was important to have this site represent who I am. I’m thankful that Steve Shoffner owner/creator of was able to bring this vision to life. He is experienced, insightful, and an amazing designer. If you are in need of a great web designer, please give him a shout! Also thank you to John, Fiona, and Ivy of ‘Old Soul’ for allowing me to use your beautiful song for my reel. I am so lucky to have such talented friends!

In the coming months, I am planning on using this blog to answer makeup related questions, offer pro makeup tips and post some insight on what it is like working behind the scenes and camera; the good, the bad, but never the ugly!

I am going to try to post weekly, so if there is a particular subject that you would like me to blog about, or have a question for me, please send your emails to: